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Imagine navigating through a maze without a map—that's how it can feel to manage legal matters for your business without professional legal guidance. In the realm of business, where every decision can have far-reaching legal implications, having a trusted legal partner is like having a compass in uncharted waters. We at Myers Longhofer, LLC, strive to be that guide for you with your business law needs.  

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, we have a seasoned team of business law attorneys who consistently turn the daunting maze of legalities into a smooth path for businesses across a variety of industries. From our office in Overland Park, Kansas, we serve those in the surrounding areas, including Johnson County, Olathe, Leawood, and Shawnee, Kansas; and Kansas City, Missouri. Let's begin this journey today—your business’s brighter, legally secure future awaits. 

Business Law Overview

An understanding of business law is essential for entrepreneurs and business owners as it protects the legality and fairness of business practices. Missteps in this legal landscape can lead to costly consequences.  

Business law, also known as commercial law, is the body of law that pertains to the rights, relations, and conduct of individuals and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. It covers areas such as business formation and organization, contract law, intellectual property rights, and tax law.  

In an era where the business environment is defined by complexity and rapid change, having a firm grasp of business law principles can be a great asset. It helps businesses navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and drive growth, while creating a culture of compliance and risk awareness. 

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Business Formation

Business formation is the process of legally creating an entity within the spectrum of recognized business structures, each offering different legal and financial advantages and responsibilities. 

Choosing an Entity Type

When starting a business, one crucial decision you need to make is choosing the right entity type. The entity type you select will have significant implications for your business's legal and financial aspects. We can help you understand the different options available, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), and corporation. We'll assess your specific needs and goals to recommend the pros and cons to the type of business you choose. 

Setting up Contracts

Contracts are the backbone of any business relationship. Whether you need assistance with drafting, reviewing, or negotiating contracts, we work diligently with the goal that your agreements are legally sound and aligned with your business goals. We'll craft contracts that minimize risks and facilitate successful business transactions. Our goal is to protect your interests and compliance with contractual obligations. 

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are a common challenge in business operations, often arising from disagreements regarding the terms, execution, or interpretation of a contract. 

Common Disputes

Contract disputes can arise in various situations, and they can have significant consequences for your business. Some common contract disputes include breach of contract, non-payment, failure to deliver goods or services as agreed, and disagreements over contract terms. 

Resolving Disputes

When faced with a contract dispute, it's essential to resolve the matter efficiently and in a manner that minimizes the impact on your business. We employ strategic litigation techniques and negotiation skills to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Our goal is to find the most advantageous resolution, whether through negotiation, mediation, or, if necessary, litigation. We'll guide you through the dispute resolution process and advocate for your best interests every step of the way. 

Employment Law

Employment law is a broad area that governs the rights, obligations, and responsibilities within an employer-employee relationship. 

Compliance With Various Labor Laws

Navigating the complex landscape of employment law is crucial to protecting your business from potential legal issues. Our team stays up-to-date with labor laws and regulations to provide you with comprehensive legal counsel. We can assist you in understanding and complying with laws related to hiring practices, wage and hour regulations, workplace safety, discrimination, harassment, and more. 

Employee Lawsuits

Unfortunately, employee lawsuits can arise, posing significant risks to your business's reputation and finances. We'll work diligently to protect your interests and guide you through the legal process, whether it involves wrongful termination claims, discrimination allegations, or wage disputes. 

Business Dissolution

Business dissolution refers to the legal process of closing down a business. No matter your situation, we are here for you. 

Reasons for Dissolving a Business

There are various reasons why a business may need to be dissolved. It could be due to retirement, changes in the market, financial difficulties, or the desire to pursue other opportunities. Whatever the reason, our team can assist you in navigating the process of business dissolution. We'll work with the goal that all legal requirements are met, contracts are terminated appropriately, and assets are distributed according to the applicable laws. 

Overview of the Business Dissolution Process

The process of business dissolution involves several steps, including notifying stakeholders, settling outstanding debts and obligations, canceling licenses and permits, and filing the necessary paperwork with the appropriate government agencies. Our attorneys will guide you through each step. 

Why Hiring a Business Attorney Is Important

Hiring a business attorney is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, an experienced attorney can provide you with the legal experience and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of business law. With our team by your side, you'll have peace of mind knowing that every legal aspect of your business is well managed. 

Business Law Attorneys in Overland Park, Kansas

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